Professional Me

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Highlights of education and key skills:

BA, Illinois Wesleyan University
MBA, University of Chicago
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/zwalz

    MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Having spent most of my professional career in the marketing services space, I have experience in the research, planning and activation sides of various marketing channels.

    STRATEGIC ANALYSIS Trained in econometrics and statistics from the University of Chicago, I often find myself as the go-to man for trying to pull a story out of numbers. The combination of art and science is what makes this type of work most exciting.

    BUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENT After getting my MBA, I had a renewed passion for entrepreneurship. I have helped multiple startup companies refine their business plans and investment pitches, helping them understand the best moves for their futures.

    SMALL BIZ PLANNING/DESIGN I know what it's like to try to build something from scratch on limited resources. Who can you trust? What do you really need? I have been through this myself and helped many friends and colleagues navigate these waters.