Get to know me just a little bit better.

Traveler, Marketer, Dog-Lover, Chicagoan...

Hi there. My name's Zach. Thanks for visiting. I take it you came here to learn a little bit about me, so here it goes:

I'm a 20-something Chicagoan born and raised. I'm passionate about my city, where I live with my partner of five years and our two dogs. They're adorable Shiba Inus, whom we love dearly. We adopted them through the Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue, a group that tirelessly works to help dogs just down on their luck.

My partner, David, and I have a passion for traveling. He gets to travel a bit more than I do and has become a bit of a travel nerd. Feel free to check out his travel website, ORD to Anywhere, where he discusses news in the travel industry, specifically focusing on the oneworld alliance.

I am a marketer by trade with a passion for all aspects of the business. I have a soft side for entrepreneurship, and love helping those I know refine their business plans and turn their dreams into reality. I currently work in analytics at Outerwall (parent company of Redbox), where I get to be an über-geek, satisfying my love of numbers and how the human brain works. You can read more about my professional background on my LinkedIn.